Zofran: A Temporary Miracle or a Permanent Affliction?

By on 2-03-2015 in Personal Injury

There are many people who swear by the drug, Zofran. Some people will even claim it to be a miracle drug, due to the fact that it works quite swiftly and more effectively than other anti-nausea medications on the market. Some side effects that are known to happen by consumption of the drug are migraines, constipation, and lethargy. It is a small price to pay, some might say, as nausea can lead to dangerous levels of dehydration due to how much bodily fluid is excreted when retching.

This drug is often used by cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, as this is a treatment that most know will cause nausea. There are several other gastrointestinal complaints that cause nausea, such as Crohn’s Disease, from which Zofran is the sufferer’s saving grace. Even pregnant women can be given some form of relief since it is no well-kept secret that pregnancy can often lead to severe morning sickness.

There is some disturbing new evidence that is currently being studied, however, that this might be a temporary relief that could cost a lifetime of pain for the unborn child. According to the website of the law firm Williams Kherkher, there is evidence of cases that is currently studying the correlation of certain birth defects such as congenital heart disease and cleft lip and palate and the consumption of Zofran by pregnant women.

If you think that your child, or the child of someone you know, has suffered birth defects due to the fetuses’ exposure to Zofran during the early stages of development during the pregnancy, it is advisable that legal aid is sought in order to rectify the situation. A well-knowledgeable legal team will be able to alert the victim of their rights in order to claim some form of compensation in order to receive appropriate medical treatment, medication, and procedures that might relieve the victim of the defects dealt upon him or her by the drug.