My Airline Story

By on 11-20-2017 in Personal Injury

I’ve got a story, and it’s just too good not to share, even if it is a bit painful to recount (literally! as you’ll see).

The short version: I got bit by a dog, but not where you’d expect (in a yard or something), but on a plane, and all because someone else got hit by a train.

Okay, long version. I was flying to Florida for a bit of a vacation. I only had four days off, but I’ve worked hard recently, and I have a little extra money, and I decided that for once, I wasn’t going to spend it all on Christmas presents, I was going to give myself a present and have a rest.

So, off I go to Florida. Now, on the flight, there was a cute little dog. The owner boarded and it turned out the dog was sitting next to me. Great, I love dogs. The owner was nice, I asked if I could pet the dog, The nice owner said the dog was nice. Great, hi doggy doggy doggy, *bite*.

I don’t want to exaggerate and say there was blood everywhere, but…there was blood everywhere. Not flying at the windows like a horror movie everywhere, but I soaked through a few napkins.

The flight attendants removed me and the owner and the dog from the flight. There was a doctor on staff at the airport who looked at my hand and said I wouldn’t need stitches.

The lady who was the owner was incredibly apologetic. Oh, Rex (it wasn’t Rex, but I don’t remember the dog’s name), Rex never bites anyone. He’s never done it before. It’s only because there’s so much stress going on.

She then told me the reason Rex was flying for the first time was that down in Florida her brother had just been hit by a train. Her brother, apparently, was stopped at a crossroads waiting for a train to come, when someone who wasn’t looking rear-ended him and pushed the front of his car on the tracks just as the train came.

He luckily was okay, but he has some broken bones, he’s been in the hospital, and his nice sister was bringing his dog (apparently Rex was his before he moved) down to visit to cheer him up.

Well, the story was so nice, it was hard to stay mad, even if my hand was mutilated. I was advised, I don’t remember by whom, that I did have the right to press charges or to sue for personal injury or something, but I didn’t want anything to do with that.

Thankfully, the airline was quite helpful as well. They had room on a later flight for me, the owner, and Rex, which we all gratefully accepted. Although I did make a point of asking to sit as far from Rex as possible.

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