Your Car May Be Recalling

By on 9-24-2017 in Car Accidents

Soon, almost 2 million VW vehicles in China will be recalled due to wrongly installed fuel pumps. The fuel pumps, which are linked to the electronic components of the car, would send out signals that could cause the engine of the car to stall while driving. Several makes of cars are affected: the Magaton, CC, and Passat vehicles from throughout the past ten years will need to be brought back in for repair. VW discovered the defects last year after Chinese investigators began taking a closer look at their vehicles.

This isn’t the first recall started by VW this year. In March, investigators discovered a problem with coolant pump capable of setting engines on fire in certain Audi models. The company recalled over half a million cars due to the error. And in May, another half a million cars had to be brought back in because of headlight problems.

These aren’t the recent major recalls. In fact, it seems that car companies discovering unnoticed flaws in their companies is a near monthly experience. Just a few weeks ago, Ram had to recall 490,000 trucks because of a fire risk. Chrysler had to put out a notice because of a seatbelt issue they discovered in 60,000 cars that would cause the belts to become spontaneously unlatched. And Mazda also had to bring back 60,000 cars that had defective power steering. And a study by the Center for Auto Safety found that a quarter of the cars sold by used car dealer Carmax had a notice out for a safety recall.

Many recalls are not for significant problems. None of the defects in the previous recalls have to lead to serious accidents. Car companies are generally very fastidious about safety inspections- their reputation depends on it! But still, accidents caused by defective vehicles are still common enough for lawyers like the Chicago personal injury attorneys Karlin, Fleisher, & Falkenberg to offer a section on their website detailing it.

So what can you do to make sure your car is safe? Unless they’re because of very serious accidents or defects, it’s unlikely that news of a car recall will be widely spread (and news of those will only spread after it’s too late and an accident has already occurred). Car manufacturers will, of course, try to get in touch with the owners of the recalled models, but with how often cars are bought and sold used, it may be hard for them to track down. There are a few things you can if you’re worried about a car defect. First, take it to a mechanic to see if they can find anything wrong. Second, you can search the internet for your vehicle make/model/year to see if any news of a recall pops up. And finally, there are a multitude of websites online that let you search by VIN to see if the manufacturer is recalling your car. Good luck and stay safe on the road!

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